Friday, August 8, 2008

This is a story reel idea I did as a pitch for Disney Animation. They thought it a good idea, but more suited for an animated TV series.

StoryReel of a Pitch to Disney... from Patrick Tuorto on Vimeo.


angie said...

Lol...that's a great pitch!! Looked so fun and interesting. Maybe a small bot character with a lot of heart. Were you pitching it as a 2D feature or 3D??
Would love to see some of your clean up drawings and hear your thoughts on the process..are you rejoining Feature animation for their new film??

Keep it up!!

TourtoArt said...

Hey thanks Angie, "Bots" was originally pitched as a 3-D film.
I should have some clean-up drawings up shortly from Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, and Brother Bear. I'll also post some ruff inbetweens I did as well.
Thanks again.

TourtoArt said...

Oh, totally forgot, I probably won't get the chance to work on Disney's current feature, but I am open to the possibility of working on future Disney projects.


angie said...

Great to see some of that work.
Well hopefully we see a nice return to Disney, I'm saddened it ever got like it did with traditional.
3D is beautiful, but there is a different sincerity to hand-drawn aka. Mermaid, Lion King, the list goes on!!
Do you enjoy pencil and paper, or the computer craze?

Angie B.

Patrick Tuorto said...

Hi Angie, I'm partial to pencil and paper. I just love to draw.


Wyatt Stevens Miles said...

Awesome pitch. It's probably not best suited for Disney. They tend to go with stuff that's less "destructive" like High School Musical, where all they're doing is encouraging teen romance and upping the teen pregnancy numbers and abortion rates. Heaven forbid we have cartoon characters fighting!

Well, my personal grudges against Disney aside, I think this is great and would love to see it made into a feature. Robots are a little overdone in my opinion, but I'll watch anything if the story and characters are engaging.