Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Every now and then I will get an assignment that I'm genuinly proud of, one such is the bit of animation below.

Badly Drawn Roy "Re-Post" from Patrick Tuorto on Vimeo.

"Badly Drawn Roy" is a character assignment I got at Animation Collective Studios. He is born to real parents in Ireland and has to deal with being a 2-D character in a real world setting.
All the animation was done in Flash using a Wacom Tablet.


David Nethery said...

This is a lot of fun, Pat.

Is "Badly Drawn Roy" a series or a single short film ?

Sounds like a good premise for a series.

Geeky tech question:

Cintiq tablet or Intous ?

Patrick Tuorto said...

Hey David,

Great to hear from you! Ya, it's supposed to go into production as a series"hopefully".

I animated it using an Intous.